Meet the Team Behind Union Station Tower



Riverside Investment and Development Company is a multi-faceted real estate firm based out of Chicago, Illinois. Riverside is focused on the pursuit of complex development and redevelopment opportunities. Our relationships, which have been carefully cultivated over years of experience with local and national consultants, brokers, and other stakeholders. We build to the top tier of the applicable market, with a singular focus on creating properties which deliver exceptional outcomes for their end users and investors alike. Above all, our team brings a high degree of honesty, integrity and intellectual curiosity to our work, and we seek to create unrivaled places and spaces across all commercial product types.



Convexity Properties is a fully integrated real estate investment firm based in Chicago. We focus on giving value add properties a new purpose. Convexity is the real estate arm of DRW, a leading principal trading firm founded in 1992, which provides all of our capital. DRW has no third party investors or funds, trading solely for its own account, and has remained a nimble and entrepreneurial company even as it has grown globally. In 2009 DRW applied its successful approach to trading to capturing opportunities in the real estate market, starting what would eventually become Convexity Properties.



Goettsch Partners (GP) is an architecture firm with a global perspective. Based in Chicago, with additional offices in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi, we share a singular approach to design that combines seasoned experience with a passion for exploration and innovation. Our completed and active projects span five continents and represent a diverse range of types and sizes. We believe in an architecture of bold clarity that emphasizes transparency and spatial dynamism with an enduring ambition to enhance the character of the built environment. Our projects share a consistent visual language that promotes highly crafted technical solutions delivering optimal performance.